ENROL NOW The legal status of the qualification: SAQA ID: 97542, Credits 131, NQF Level 4 APPLY FOR AN EARLY CHILDHOOD


The purpose of this Qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as an Early Childhood Development Practitioner.

An Early Childhood Development Practitioner plans and prepares early childhood activities, facilitates and mediates learning, observes and assesses the progress of children, and reflects on learning in an inclusive, play-based environment to support holistic development of children (from conception – school going) in different centre-based or non-centre based settings.

The legal status of the qualification: SAQA ID: 97542, Credits 131, NQF Level 4

Note: This qualification is fully accredited and offered in partnership with Springs Christian Academy to cover all the Knowledge Modules, Practical Modules and Workplace Modules online and Face-to-Face. 07-QCTO/SDP080922101033

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare inclusive activities to support the holistic development and well-being of children
  • Facilitate and mediate appropriate holistic learning of every child
  • Observe, assess and record each child’s progress according to the age and stage
  • Develop reports of children’s development and learning
  • Promote the well-being, health, safety and protection of children


The Occupational Certificate: Early Childhood Development has been designed to meet the needs and interests of the early childhood development sector in a variety of settings and contexts with an inclusive focus on education, health and safety issues, amongst others. There is a vast need for early childhood development services and it is critical that the field must be served by competent practitioners. In order to meet the needs at early childhood development level, it is important to be able to identify and recognise competent early childhood development practitioners who are able to work in centre-based and non-centre- based early childhood development settings.

This Qualification will provide a means to give recognition to practitioners at an entry level, thus making it possible for practitioners to increase their employment prospects within the Department of Basic Education. The Department of Social Development, through the registration of early childhood development centres and/or sites, may also provide business opportunities to successful practitioners who may wish to establish early childhood centres and/or sites. It will also provide access to a recognised career path and at the same time provide the field with suitably qualified professional practitioners. The people functioning within this sector are required to provide high-quality child care and effectively implement early childhood education programmes.

Application Requirements:

To initiate your application, the following documents are essential:

  1. A certified copy of your ID or Passport.
  2. A Grade 10 certificate or any NQF Level 3 certification.

First-Time Applicants: Those applying for the first time and meeting the criteria above are required to pay an application fee of R 299.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

  • Entrance Criteria: Applicants who might not possess a Grade 10 or NQF Level 3 certificate can still gain entry into the qualification. To do this, they will need to complete an online RPL assessment and achieve a minimum pass rate of 65%.
  • Application Procedure: While filling out the online application, opt for the “RPL Application Type” to pursue this qualification.

Fee Breakdown:

    • Application Fee: R 299
    • RPL Application Fee: R 1200
    • Total Amount: R 1499

Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CAT):

  • Eligibility: Applicants who have previously earned credits for the same qualification or part-qualifications from any recognized institution are encouraged to apply for CAT.
  • Application Procedure: When filling out the online application, ensure you select “CAT” under the “application type” option.

Fee Breakdown:

    • Application Fee: R 299
    • CAT Application Fee: R 1200
    • Total Amount: R 1499

All interested candidates are advised to ensure they meet the necessary requirements before commencing the application process.

Fee Structure 2023 

Application fee (Non-refundable) R 299
Course fee (including online learning)  

R 15300 (17 Modules x R 900)

Per Module (Non-Refundable) R 900
RPL Application to enter the qualification or Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CAT) process (Non-refundable / Excluding Assessment Cost) R 1200
Note: All applicants must pay the application fee of R 299 and once accepted, CGTS through SCA will send further instructions to register for the modules.


1 year

Mode of Delivery

(Online and face – to – face)

Note: only workplace learning is face-to-face.


This qualification is made up of compulsory Knowledge, Practical Skill and Work Experience Modules:

Knowledge Modules (KM)

• 234201000-KM-01, Introduction to the early childhood development sector, NQF Level 4, Credits 4
• 234201000-KM-02, Theories and Perspectives of Child Development, NQF Level 5, Credits 6
• 234201000-KM-03, Planning and Programme Development in early childhood settings, NQF Level 4, Credits 8
• 234201000-KM-04, Facilitation and mediation of active learning, NQF Level 5, Credits 12
• 234201000-KM-05, Observation and assessment in early childhood development, NQF Level 4, Credits 4
• 234201000-KM-06, Promotion of health, safety and well-being of children, NQF Level 4, Credits 6
• 234201000-KM-07, Administration for early childhood development services and programmes, NQF Level 3, Credits 3

Total number of credits for Knowledge Modules: 43

Practical Modules (PM)

• 234201000-PM-01, Plan and prepare inclusive educational activities and routines using an approved programme based on the curriculum framework, NQF Level 4, Credits 12
• 234201000-PM-02, Facilitate and mediate active learning in an integrated and holistic learning programme, NQF Level 5, Credits 9
• 234201000-PM-03, Observe, assess, record and report each child’s progress according to the age and stage, NQF Level 4, Credits 4
• 234201000-PM-04, Support and promote the health, nutrition, safety, protection and well-being of children, NQF Level 4, Credits 12
• 234201000-PM-05, Build and maintain collaborative relationships with parents and other service providers, NQF Level 4, Credits 3
• 234201000-PM-06, Prepare and maintain administrative systems, NQF Level 3, Credits 3

Total number of credits for Practical Skill Modules: 43.

Workplace Modules (WM)

• 234201000-WM-01, Learning programme and routines planning and preparation process, NQF Level 4, Credits 13
• 234201000-WM-02, Processes of facilitating and mediating the learning programme in a variety of contexts, NQF Level 4, Credits 15
• 234201000-WM-03, Processes of observation, assessment, recording and reporting on children’s learning and development, NQF Level 4, Credits 7
• 234201000-WM-04, Processes and procedures of promoting the health, nutrition, safety, protection and well-being of children in an early childhood development setting, NQF Level 4, Credits 10

Total number of credits for Work Experience Modules: 45


Today, as an Early Childhood Development Consultant in Port Elizabeth, I draw on the knowledge and skills acquired during the program to support educators and improve the quality of early childhood education.
M. Lerato
Early Childhood Development Consultant in Port Elizabeth
The comprehensive curriculum provided me with a solid foundation, and the practical insights were instrumental in my role as a Preschool Coordinator at Bright Beginnings Preschool in Pretoria.
Preschool Coordinator in Pretoria
The theoretical knowledge combined with practical training prepared me for the challenges of working with young children. I am making a meaningful impact on the lives of our little learners.
Assistant Teacher in Cape Town
The transition into a managerial role at Sunshine Crèche in Durban was made smoother by the ECD NQF Level 4 program, particularly the online learning modules.
S. Naidoo
Crèche Manager in Durban

Note: All the above information is taken from the Qualification Document registered on National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The qualification document can be accessed from this link  www.saqa.org.za

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