Occupational Skill Programme: Life Coach

(Communication, Integrity and Confidence Coaching) ID: SP-211001, NQF Level 5, 30 Credits.


This skills programme is targeted towards those working in community development, youth development and empowerment, social and community counselling, religious professionals, many other sectors, and those who are planning a career to live their passions as a life coach, youth coach helping individuals, school and university learners, employers, employees, entrepreneurs, to achieve their goals and help in personal and professional arenas.


The purpose of this Occupational Skill Course is to provide structured techniques and methods for key life coaching skills to nurture confidence in individuals to enable reintegration into life and work environments in achieving greater success. Re-integrative life coaching is necessary to those who have lost confidence due to unemployment and sometimes may have even fallen in conflict with the law. Key areas are coaching communication, life coaching and trust, ethics and self-confidence. This skills program is developed to raise competency in structured life coaching methods to those working with individuals, communities and workplaces. 

Key Topics:

This course consists of knowledge and practical /  application components:

Knowledge component 

  1. Internal and external life factors.
  2. Ethics, Values Integrity and Law
  3. Life Coaching Methodologies
  4. Communication and Confidence
  5. Personalities and Characters
  6. Relationships Management

Practical /  Application component 

  1. Relationships Management. 
  2. Effective Communication. 
  3. Personality and Character Profile Analysis. 
  4. Internal and External Life Factor Analysis. 
  5. Ethics, Values, Integrity and Confidence Management 
  6. Life Coaching Process.

Why study at our Institution? 

  1. A registered, credit-based and high-quality occupational skill programme at the lowest cost.
  2. The course will culminate in the awarding of a credit certificate, as well as your engaging in practical learning experiences with one of South Africa’s leading Coaching Organizations. 
  3. You may register with one of the professional bodies for life coaches in South Africa and around the world. 
  4. Upon completion, you will also receive a certificate of attendance from one of the prestigious life coach organization in South Africa for further reference. 
  5. You may use the achieved credits for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Accumulation and Transfer purposes towards related qualifications: i.e. Higher Education in Life Coaching, Higher Education in Communication and Ethics, Higher Education in Social work, Higher Education in Counselling, Higher Education in Psychology, Higher Education in Community Development, Social Auxiliary Worker, Religious Professional and Practitioner studies, etc.

Teaching and Learning

This course will be delivered online and there will be a few live interactive sessions with the experts and with some of the leading Life Coaches. 


  1. Copy of ID/Passport 
  2. Signed PoPI Agreement 
  3. Proof of Payment


15 Weeks (300 hours of study including assessments)

Note: We recommend that all qualified life coaches should register with the relevant professional body after the completion of this course. This course is offered nationally and internationally in partnership with the World Class Coach organization. In the below fee structure, the professional body membership fee is not included. 

Fee Structure 2023 

Application and registration fee (Non-refundable) R 250

Course fee (including online learning material and practical experience)

  • Full payment during registration 
  • 2 Instalments 



R 7900 (Inc VAT)

8600 (Inc VAT)

Instalments 2 Months x R 4300 R 4300 per month (for 2 months)
Note: There is no selection or screening requirement for this course. All applicants registering online will be accepted once all the required documents and payment of the application fee (R 250) and 1st installment of R4300 or full payment of R 7900 is received with the online application form.