Occupational Skill Programme: New Venture Creation

ID: SP-210401, NQF Level 2, 32 Credits

Overview and Purpose 

Entrepreneurship or New Venture Creation is an increasingly popular field in today’s evolving business landscape. When reading the success stories of scrappy startups that have made it big, it can be easy to assume becoming an entrepreneur isn’t particularly challenging. Yet, in reality, entrepreneurship and innovation require education and effort to master Its knowledge of the theories and concepts behind entrepreneurship and innovation that gives many business owners the confidence to launch a venture despite the risk of failure.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a professional in a corporate setting, this occupational skill programme will help you to understand the basics of entrepreneurship and new venture creation and position you to succeed in today’s dynamic market.

The purpose of the programme is to help the learner to:

  • Start, manage, grow and sustain a small business.
  • Know him/herself 
  • Know his/her industry 
  • Identify market opportunities 
  • Create business innovation 
  • Manage finances 
  • Price goods and services
  • Plan and set business goals

Key Topics:

This course consists of knowledge and practical /  application components:

Knowledge component 

Topic 1: Being an entrepreneur. 

Topic 2: Know yourself. 

Topic 3: Know your industry 

Topic 4: Identifying Market opportunities 

Topic 5: Innovation 

Topic 6: Customer Service 

Topic 7: Financial and Cash flow management 

Topic 8: Basic business financial statements 

Topic 9: Pricing of goods and services 

Topic 10: Marketing 

Topic 11: SMART goals 

Topic 12: Business planning

Practical Application component 

Topic 1: Calculations and Pricing 

Topic 2: Basic book-keeping 

Topic 3: Marketing project. 

Topic 3: Customer service

Why study at our Institution? 

  1. A registered, credit-based and high-quality occupational skill programme at the lowest cost.
  2. The course will culminate in the awarding of a credit certificate, as well as your engaging in practical learning experiences with one of South Africa’s leading Business Coaching Organizations. 
  3. Upon completion, you will also receive a certificate of attendance from one of the prestigious life and business coaching organization in South Africa for further reference. 
  4. You may use the achieved credits for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Accumulation and Transfer purposes towards related qualifications: i.e. Higher Education in business Coaching, Higher Education in Business, Commerce, Administration and New Venture Creation studies, etc.

Teaching and Learning

This course will be delivered online, there will be a few live interactive sessions with the experts and with some of the leading business coaches. 


  1. Copy of ID/Passport 
  2. Signed PoPI agreement 
  3. Proof of Payment


15 Weeks (320 hours of study including assessments)

Note: This course is offered nationally and internationally in partnership with the World Class Business Coach organization.

Fee Structure 2023 

Application and registration fee (Non-refundable) R 250
Course fee (including online learning material and practical experience)

  • Full payment during registration 
  • 2 Instalments 
R 5500 (Inc VAT)


Instalments 2 Months x R 3000 R 3000 per month (for 2 months)
Note: There is no selection or screening requirement for this course. All applicants registering online will be accepted once all the required documents and payment of the application fee (R 250) and 1st installment of R3000 or full payment of R 5500 is received with the online application form.